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In The Luminous Self, Tracee Stanley offers practices, rituals, yoga nidra, and self-inquiry to help you align with your inner wisdom, remember your wholeness, and live with clarity and connection.


The Luminous Self

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"What if your discomfort was a portal to a rebirth, a remembering, an attunement to your true Self?"

—Tracee Stanley

The Luminous Self

guided by Tracee



Celebrate Tracee's book, THE LUMINOUS SELF: Sacred Yogic Practices and Rituals to Remember Who You Are through five pre-recorded session, practices, and sacred community.

This self-paced experience is FREE with your copy of The Luminous Self.

Sacred Space

Connect with the power of practicing in a sacred container.

The community portal offers you a space to share with fellow sangha members and experience the practices from the book with Tracee.

Embodied Wisdom

Tracee designed The Luminous Self Book Club as a way to help readers embody the wisdom of the timeless practices shared in the book.

This is a journey of self-exporation and awakening inner wisdom. The on demand practices will include meditation, ritual, yoga nidra, and self-inquiry.


Tracee invites you to read the book, experience the practices, and share your questions and reflections in the portal.

Each one of us is a teacher in our own way and we learn by sharing, and remembering in community.




It's the eternal question: Who am I?

In The Luminous Self, Tracee Stanley offers a guide to Self-remembrance — a journey of peeling back the layers that cover our inherent wisdom, beauty, and power.

Diving into the obstacles to the deepest part of our being, Tracee shares the spiritual tools and practices that have been the most potent and transformative in her own life.

The book features meditations, rituals, yoga nidra practices, and self-inquiry to help awaken awareness of our true nature, so we can reclaim our wholeness, align with the whispers of our soul, and live with more clarity and connection.

Each chapter is a portal to personal discernment to expand understanding of our inner Selves. Through an exploration of the roadblocks to our liberation, forgiveness, the power of memory, transitions as gateways to wisdom and devotion, and nature as a teacher, The Luminous Self invites us to remember that we are so much more than we think we are.

About the author

Tracee Stanley

Tracee Stanley is the author of Radiant Rest: Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation & Awakened Clarity, Empowered Life Oracle Deck, Soul Journal, as well as the upcoming book, The Luminous Self: Sacred Yogic Practices and Rituals to Remember Who You Are, which will be released by Shambhala Publications in October 2023. She is also the host of Radiant Rest Podcast, and founder of Empowered Life Circle.

A spiritual teacher for over 20 years, Tracee honors life as a sacred ritual. She weaves an alchemy of Yoga Nidra, self-inquiry, meditation, ancestor

reverence, and devotion to create spaciousness for clarity and the innate luminosity that is the source of our true power. It is her passion and dharma to create sacred containers for transformations and self-remembrance.

Tracee’s journey of inner exploration was sparked when she read Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra and landed on Sutra 1:36, Vishoka Va Jyotishmati. Her inquiry of this sutra ultimately led her to study of and initiation into the lineage of the Himalayan Masters and Sri Vidya Tantra. Tracee honors the remembrance of this sutra and the knowing that there is a place within each of us that is eternal, luminous, and beyond all sorrow.

Connect with Tracee on Instagram @tracee_stanley and her website at Join her newsletter here to receive a free self-love meditation.